New Delhi, India Travel Guide

New Delhi, A Visit to India – Things You Should Do and Places to Visit

There is no denying the fact that New Delhi, the Indian Capital has a lot to offer. This place provides a blend of culture, modern architecture and art. This city has been known to attract a lot of the tourists due to the wide variety of sights that it has to offer. You too should visit this place.

Geographical Location

India is located in the west of the Arabian Sea, the east of Indian Ocean. Delhi is located in Northern India and borders Indian states of Haryana in the north and Uttar Pradesh to the east.

Best Time to go

The weather is best for traveling in New Delhi between March and October.

Fun Fact

New Delhi harbors the tallest brick Minaret in the whole world. This Minaret is called Qutub Minar, and it is 73m tall.

Useful Information

  • India has three official languages. These are Hindi, Bengali, and English.
  • The Indian Rupee is the official currency in India although dollars are welcome in this country
  • Public transport does not favor tourists, and hence you will find it easier to move around Delhi in a taxi or in a car rental.
  • The dressing in India is conservative. This means that you need to wear unrevealing clothes while traveling to New Delhi.

What to do

  • To learn more about the Mughal emperors who ruled India, you need to visit Red Fort. The walls of this fort stretch for over 2 kilometers and were built back in the year 1638 to keep out any invaders.
  • Visit Jamal Masjid which is the largest mosque you can find anywhere in India. This mosque was built for 13 years and was completed in the year 1650.
  • To get a feel of the new sights in Delhi, visit Swaminarayan Akshardham which is a temple that was opened in 2005.
  • Visit Humayun’s Tomb which resembles Taj Mahal. This was built in 1570. It houses the body of Humayun who was the second Mughal Emperor.
  • For nature lovers, Lodhi Gardens will provide you with quite an experience.

Where to Eat

  • Bukhara has been labeled as both the best Indian restaurant in the whole world and as the best restaurant in Asia. Here you will be served with Kebabs that you will find hard to forget.
  • To enjoy Punjabi cuisine, the restaurant you need to visit is Dhaba.
  • For inexpensive Mughali cooking style visit Karim’s which is a restaurant which was established back in 1913.

Where to Shop

  • To acquire all artistry goods which you can take with you back home, the place where you should visit is the Janpath and Tibetan Market.
  • Chandni Chowk which has been around for hundreds of years now has something for everyone. You can buy anything ranging from electronics to Fabrics.
  • If you love designer clothes, the place to get the best of these is Sarojini Nagar. The designer clothes you get here are very cheap.

If You Have Time

  • Visit Hansi an ancient fort town. This place is famous for its forts and ancient buildings. This place is only 148.7 km from New Delhi.
  • Vrindavan is a place you should visit to learn more about the Hindu religion. This place is 161.7 km away from New Delhi.
  • To see the famous Taj Mahal mausoleum, you need to visit Agra. This place is only 211.8 Kilometers from New Delhi.