Minsk, Belarus Travel Guide

Minsk, Belarus travel Guide- places and things to do

Minsk is the capital of Belarus. This city is the capital of the 11th century that delights tourists with their purity. What this city adorns and makes it unique are the lake and several hundred fountains.

Geographical location

The city of Minsk is located in the southeastern parts of the Minsk Mine (part of the much larger Belarussian beam), a mildly stratified area of marine origin that includes the central parts of the Minsk region and the Republic of Belarus. Basically, there are walls of the Devonian, Cretaceous and Palaeogenic age, while the new surface relief was formed by the operation of the Sosa Glacier which was active in the period of 220 and 110 thousand years ago.

Best time to go

You can visit this city at any time of the year because it can always provide you with all its options. The coldest month is January with an average temperature of -4 degrees, and the hottest month is July with +18 degrees. Summers are sufficiently damp and wet, and the winters are mild. Choose the time and make sure to visit this city.

Fun fact

Interesting facts about this city are linked to the nascency of his name. According to the legend on the banks of the Svislac River in a stone watermill, the giant Menes lived. In his stone mill, the colossus stone was the bread from which he baked the bread to feed his citizens. Although no one ever saw Menes from the watermill heard the screams, the song and the game every night. At midnight, the giant emerged from its waterfall and visited surrounding villages by snatching people and turning them into their soldiers and citizens. However, his subjects rebelled, and with the help of a powerful wizard, Menes was forever exterminated, and his watermill burned down. In memory of the giant Menes, the name of the city remained.

Useful information

  • Belarusian is the official language of Minsk.
  • The local currency in this city is Belarusian ruble.
  • Tourists have trolleybuses, metro, buses, and taxis that are not expensive.

What to do 

  • Minsk Botanical Garden-If you are fans of nature and natural beauty, then this place is right for you. With its cleanliness and colorfulness, this garden gives you full pleasure. This peaceful green garden with a greenhouse and a walking path includes trees, flowers, and plants.
  • Belarusian Great Patriotic War Museum- For this museum, except its beauty, we can say that it represents the sacred place of its people because it preserves all the remnants of the history of that nation. The museum has 24 exhibition halls. As of 2012, there were 142,676 items in the museum’s collection.The museum staff also engages in historical research: particular areas include Belarusians in the Red Army, local anti-fascist, and partisan activity, and the history of the Auschwitz death camp.
  • Gorky Park- The park is impressive in its entirety. It is also interesting for the elderly and children and offers every one of its attractions. Part of the park is covered with an amusement park, but there is also an educational observatory with a planetarium.
  • Minsk History Museum- The museum is located in the historical center of Minsk in the Upper Town. The building is an architectural monument of the 19th century.  The museum organizes temporary thematic exhibitions, including international ones, based on collections of collectors, artists, photographers, various organizations, and institutions, as well as a variety of creative projects: concerts, seminars, conferences, actions, open-air.
  • Church of Saints Simon and Helena- This church also has the name red church. With its grandeur, the church attracts visitors, but there is plenty to show. Beautiful icons drawn along the walls of this church have the true value. The church was named after the children of Wolinvić, who financed the construction of this church in his time.
  • Pishchalauski Castle- This building is the central prison of Minsk. Although it does not carry beauty in itself, it creates fascinating from the outside. This old building carries the breath of history, and it is worth seeing.
  • Dvorets Kul’tury Profsoyuzov- A beautiful palace, you will find yourself in the great lobby of the castle. Comfortable seating places make your pleasure more beautiful. Anyone who loves culture is welcome to this magnificent building.

Where to eat

  • Grand Café-It looks very beautiful, beautiful facade, and inside it is very cozy and atmospheric. The staff is really very friendly. Everything is very delicious. But here with the hood something you need to think up clearly.
  • The View Restaurant- The second tallest building in Minsk, the highest restaurant, a panoramic elevator. Royal chairs, the hall is a beautiful, beautiful interior and lighting. Food is excellent. Service at the most appropriate height for such a high restaurant. Salads and soups are excellent. Binge drinking is also a choice, from local to expensive imported – for every taste.
  • Kamyanitsa- The menu for every taste is unique for visitors. Who wants to plunge into the world of traditional cuisine and try the country from the inside, you need to go to this place! All meals have a wonderful presentation. By cooking time, so everything is quite on the level. Price list of the institution is average, even if measured in Moscow. Huge gratitude to those people who preserve traditional cuisine and traditional names of dishes.

Where to shop

  • Minsky Komarovskiy Market– Multi-level parking is, but it is paid. On one of the parking lots, the entry of cars on studded rubber is prohibited. This is a market, not a supermarket. Although the price tags are everywhere. Tip: you must first bypass the ranks, look at and try what you like and then go back to where you liked more. Give to try everywhere and everyone present at the tasting.
  • Zamok Mall- A good shopping center, conveniently grouped shops, there is everything for everyone, in general, an ordinary shopping complex. You also have a taxi near the center in the parking lot.

If you have time

Minsk Zoo- This huge zoo certainly what to give you. If you have time, you must visit it, because your enjoyment of this city will be completely whit this Minsk Zoo.