Berlin, Germany Travel Guide

Berlin, Germany guide -Travel Places and things to do

Berlin is the capital of Germany. It is a historical city that has transformed into one of the most beautiful places in the world to pay a visit. Tourists who travel to Berlin are often engrossed in the city’s fanciful artistic prowess and exciting blend of modern lifestyle.

Geographical Location

Berlin is located in northeastern Germany. It is the second most populous city in the European Union. The city is located north of the German-Czech border. Brandenburg State surrounds the city on four sides, and river Havel and Spree flows around the city.
Best time to go
The best time to visit Berlin is the summer. This is the time of the year when the city is a little warm and friendly. Traveling to Berlin in the winter is not a good idea, thanks mainly to harsh and unfriendly weather condition characterized by the bone-chilling cold. The autumn and spring are the perfect period of the year to visit Berlin if you love to take walks across gardens. Berlin has lots of gardens and parks waiting for you!

Fun Fact
• Berlin is nicknamed the Grey city.
• Almost 100 years ago, Albert Einstein became a public figure in Berlin after winning the Nobel Prize for Physics.

Useful information
• Euro is the official currency in Berlin.
• German is the official language spoken in Berlin.
• It will only take you about an hour and a half to fly from London to Berlin.
• Using the train service in Germany as a means of transportation requires that you have your stamped ticket with you to avoid a fine.
• Berliners are happy if you stick to their rules; especially those about traffic and sanitation.
• There are lots of stores, shopping malls, parks, museums, stadia, and gardens in Berlin.

What to do:
The Berlin Wall is historical and is a great place to visit.
• Visiting the Museum Island gives you enjoyable authentic experience.
• The Movie Theatre in Kant Kino gives you the warm privilege to enjoy arrays of movies,
The Brandenburg gate is a beautiful place you can decide to pay a visit.
Checkpoint Chalie’s museum is a historical place you don’t want to miss!
• Just in case you arrive in Berlin in the autumn or spring, there are plenty of gardens and parks you can visit to witness a fantastic side of Berlin. Treptower Park, Mauerpark, and Tiergarten are few of the many parks you can visit in Berlin.

Where to eat:
Grill Royal is an inviting place to get all sorts of international food. Although, the pricing is a little expensive.
Marjellchen is a less costly and cool restaurant to pick up very delicious meals. The environment is also great to experience.
Rutz Restaurant is one of the best places in Berlin to enjoy lovely meals. The restaurant, however, does not open on Sundays and Mondays

Where to shop

  • Wilmersdorfer, located in the Charlottenburg district, is an excellent shopping mall consisting of hundreds of shops. Almost anything you wish to purchase; ranging from accessories, fashion, etc., can be found in Wilmersdorfer.
    The Alexa Shopping Mall, located near the city east, offers an array of shops and restaurants.

If you have time:
• You can pay a visit to Strandbad Weissensee; which is home to modern sports complexes.
The Siegessaule is a monuments and Statues location in Berlin where you can have a good time.
The Berlin Cathedral is historical, and enjoyable to visit.