Athens, Greece Travel Guide

Athens, Why You need to Visit Greece and Things to do

This Greece’s capital is a place that has a lot of landmarks which originate from the 5th century BC. During the old days, Athens was the place where the ancient Greece empire based their capital. People living in this city are known to be very welcoming to tourists. To get to see all the things that existed during the Greek Empire, Athens is the place to visit.

Geographic Location

The city is located on the south side of Greece. The Gulf of Corinth, Evoikos, Saronic, and the Aegean Sea surround this town. Greece is located in Southern Europe, and it borders both the Mediterranean and the Ionian Sea.

Best Time to go

The best time that you can visit Greece is during the early summers and the springs. These happen between Mid-April and Mid-June. Also, you can visit Athens during autumn. Autumn occurs between September and mid-October.

Fun Fact

Athens has been around since 3000BC. This makes it one of the oldest cities in the world.

Useful Information

  • The official language in Greece is Greek. Also, English is a very common language in this country.
  • The official currency that you will find in Greece is the Euro. Dollars are not very welcome in Greece.
  • In Greece, public transport does not favor tourists. Other forms of transportation including rentals and taxis, on the other hand, are available for use.
  • Greece has no restrictions on the type of clothes that you should wear. As long as you are comfortable with what you are wearing, then you are right to be visiting Athens.

What to do

  • Visit Acropolis Museum to get to see all the archeological items collected from Acropolis. Examples of these things include the Athena Nike relief and Parthenon artifacts.
  • To experience seeing the great ancient architecture, you need to visit the This place is a cultural landmark that you can’t leave Athens without seeing.
  • Erechtheion which was constructed between 406 and 421 BC is a place you should check out to see where the ancient Greek occupants used to worship their gods.
  • Ancient Agora is a place that people used to assemble in for purposes like military exercises and commercial activities. This site is a historical icon. It is in the area that Socrates lectured people. Also, Saint Paul sought for converts for the Christian religion in this very same site.
  • Temple of Hephaestus is a site that you should see which was built between 420 and 460 BC. This building which once served as a church has been transformed into a museum.

Where to Eat

  • GOSTIJO kosher restaurant – In this restaurant, you get to enjoy delicious Mediterranean flavors which the Jews have been improving on since the 15th
  • Funky Gourmet – This restaurant will serve you with tasty dishes which are usually delivered to you as a 3 multi-course meal.
  • Aleria Restaurant – If you are a cuisine fan, this is the restaurant that you should visit.
  • OROSCOPO restaurant – This restaurant offers uncomplicated dishes of both Greek and English origin.

Where to Shop

  • If you enjoy Greek handmade sandals, there is no better place to get these than
  • Forget Me Not is another place where you can do your shopping while visiting Athens. You can shop for everything from clothes to accessories.
  • If you love souvenirs, there is no better place to shop for this than at Gallery Demeter. This store makes sure that all their customers walk out satisfied.

If you have time

  • The monastery of Dafni which is a spiritual retreat is a place that you need to visit while in Athens. This site is only 10 kilometers from Athens.
  • Mycenae is only 90 minutes’ drive away from Athens. This place has the earliest archeological fragments which you should definitely see.
  • To get to Attic Riviera takes less than an hour. This place has numerous golf courses, great beaches, sailing clubs, and archeological ruins.


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